Are you on the hunt for new listening material? You're in luck, because Uni student Niamh Shiels has a guide to her four favourite podcasts for young women today:

Feeling stressed about studying, CAO choices, graduate programmes, thesis preparation, etc? Need ways to de-stress?

Don’t worry dolls and gents, College Corner is back, and I’ve got you covered with some AMAZING podcasts that will help any stressed student in need of reassurance and chill time!

Girls with Goals:

Niamh Maher from at Maximum Media hosts an incredible podcast were she interviewing awe inspiring women from an array of different backgrounds, whether it be journalists, bloggers, doctors, comedians, accountants, the list is endless.  

Niamh asks the ladies a little bit about themselves, their journey and their goals. This podcast is ideal for college ladies in any course as it is fascinating to see how and where the guests reached their goal. Extremely motivational Niamh creates such a friendly, easy going conversation with her guests, its as if you were in the room with the girlies. I adore this podcast.

Owning It – The Anxiety Podcast:  

Irish author of bestselling book, Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety, Caroline Foran, has started her own podcast which helps those who experience problems with anxiety in their everyday lives. The Podcast reached number one in the Irish Charts within a week of its first launch.

Caroline helps you with many things regarding anxiety, she helps listeners understand where anxiety comes from, breaks the stigma around it, gives advice on how to de-stress, also gives listeners tips on how to deal with the likes of panic attacks and get your confidence back up. Caroline has such a calming and reassuring tone to her voice, you automatically feel relaxed and stress-free listening to her. Highly recommend to any stress heads out there, like me!


I’m definitely at the stage of my life where I no longer want to be regarded as a child but also, I don’t want to be an adult, anyone feeling the same? Britney’s ultimate classic hit, Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, is the theme tune of my life right now. However, back to the podcasts and not my final year meltdown.

Adulting is presented and edited by Oenone Forbat, a conversationalist podcast where Oenone and her guests figure out how to be an adult in this ever changing and growing world. What I love most about this podcast is the diversity of topics. Topics range from college, sexuality, race, friendships, heartache and how all these topics help shape us to be the best version of adults that we can be! Very chilled, funny, and educational podcast, ideal if you feel somewhat lost and want some reassurance that no adult knows that they are doing in life.


Happy Place:

I adore Fearne Cotton from her work ethic, style, books and not to mention this amazing podcast, Happy Place!

In this podcast Fearne hosts an open, honest, raw and occasionally emotional interview with celebrities and their struggle with mental health and what makes them happy.

The podcast is an extremely inspiring and uplifting as listeners see a new side to the celebrities. It helps listeners feel as though they are not alone with their mental health, and most importantly, you can always find what makes you happy!

I hope you enjoy the above podcasts and feel relaxed in no time!

Until next time,