Interior Designer Anne Tuohy has 10 tips for us to create a beautiful room - with no regrets!

Anne Tuohy of Room Junkie is a nationally acclaimed, award winning Interior Designer, based in Donegal.

How do you decorate your home when you haven’t a clue where to start? Thanks to Anne, we have ten steps to follow to make sure you make decisions that you’ll be happy with for years:

Room Junkie Anne Tuohy

1. Start with something you love

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you love it and it excites you.

I have designed rooms inspired by a piece of fabric, a cushion, a lampshade, a beautiful chair, even a vintage car. Trust me, when you begin with something that you absolutely love, the rest of the design will evolve so easily, as will your colour scheme.

Photo by Anne Tuohy

2. Don’t make isolated choices

Photo by Anne Tuohy

Don’t go and make random choices like buying your sofa first, you will so regret doing this. Instead, take your time, and choose your flooring, fabrics, wallpaper, paint choices together, and get actual samples of your sofa and soft furnishings.

Put them all together in your room, and look at them in daylight and at night. You will instinctively know if the scheme is working or not. A little tip – if you feel excited when you view everything together, you know you are on the right track.

3. Create one focal point in every room

Decide what your focal point is going to be, and remember, you only need one. A natural focal point is a fireplace, but it could be your bed, a beautiful window or a stunning piece of art.

Photo by Anne Tuohy

Really make it stand out so that your eye is drawn to it as soon as you enter the room.

4. Establish your personal style

Spend some time finding out what you really like, and then carry that style throughout your home. This creates a very pleasing flow and also creates a much calmer home.

It doesn’t matter whether your style is contemporary, retro, vintage or classical, the important thing to remember is to continue it throughout all of your spaces.

Photo by Anne Tuohy

5. Don’t be one bit afraid of colour

Every room needs an accent colour to lift it, so pick one that you really love, and carry it evenly throughout the room.

6. Remember that showrooms are very large spaces

I am totally convinced that the biggest and most common mistake that homeowners make when decorating their home, is to buy the wrong sized furniture. Showrooms are generally vast, high ceilinged spaces, and a seemingly modest looking sofa could absolutely dwarf an average sized room.

All you have to do is get measurements, and then go home and put down newspaper templates.

Also check the depth of your sofa, there can be such a variation in size. In a smaller room, you are not aiming for a sofa with arms that you can sit on, look for a style with neater arms. Also check to make sure that you can actually get it through your door, or if you live in an apartment, ensure that it is not too tall to fit in your lift.

Here is a handy guide that I compiled earlier – 10 things you need to know before buying a sofa:

7. Fashions change but style endures

Even if you’re a dedicated fashionista who embraces all the seasonal trends, keep your flooring and major furnishings in a style that is timeless, and which won’t date.

You can embrace current trends in your accessories, which you can change with the seasons if you wish. This will ensure a style that is fresh and on trend all the time, regardless of your preferred personal style.

Photo by Anne Tuohy

8. Be mindful of the seasons

This is something that people often overlook. Take the weather and the time of year into consideration when making your choices. Research has shown that people tend to pick a darker floor in summertime, and a lighter one in winter. Also assess how colour choices will appear when bathed in bright sunshine, and on a drab, dark winter’s day.

9. Seriously consider using some grey paint

There has been something of a grey revolution happening, and I honestly believe that this trend is here to stay. Grey has become a new classic.

Anne Tuohy

However, I accept that it is notoriously tricky to get this colour right. There are so many undertones to consider, and also the aspect of your room will have huge impact on how the colour will actually appear on your walls. I have put together this short video to help you demystify grey for once and for all. Once you understand these simple principles, you will always pick the perfect grey for your room.

10. Never be afraid to ask for help

A chat with an experienced Interior Designer at the beginning of your project will save you so much time, hassle and expense.

Interior Designers can work to any budget and will help you to avoid expensive mistakes. They will also have built up a contact list of reliable tradesmen and suppliers, and will know exactly where to source everything you need at competitive prices. This takes the stress and overwhelm away, allowing you to actually enjoy the whole design process.

So, if you would like to schedule a complimentary 30 minute call with me, to brainstorm your own design project just send me a private message here.

I hope that you enjoyed my Top 10 Design Tips.
Have a lovely weekend.
Stay fabulous,
Anne xxx