Two young Donegal women have won coveted titles in the 2019 Ireland Pageants grand final.

Christina Williamson from Dungloe and Victoria Lily Tully from Manorcunningham both triumphed at last Saturday’s event to take home winning crowns.

Hairdresser and childcare assistant Christina Williamson, aged 24, won Lady Of Ireland 2019.

Christina Williamson – Lady of Ireland 2019 Photo: Robbie Kelly Photography

“Shocked and stunned was an understatement,” Christina said as she looked back on her win.

Christina is hoping to use her title to boost her modelling career and promote mental health awareness.

She told Donegal Woman: “Overcoming your fears is a main priority. I am delighted to have won and I hope to achieve my goals in 2019. Going on stage is never easy, but it builds great courage and confidence. I would advise beating your fears and doing what you love without doubting yourself, just like I did.”

2019 is only the beginning, she said.

Victoria Lily Tully – Miss Ultimate Photogenic. Photo: Robbie Kelly Photography

Manorcunningham model Victoria Lily Tully also stunned the judges to win Miss Ultimate Photogenic 2019.

The former Miss Teen Donegal 2018 is on a winning streak, having won all three pageants she has entered in the past year.

Winning again on 12th January in ALSAA Dublin Airport was another boost for Victoria as she pursues a modelling career.

“I have been modelling for 5 years and in the past year I’ve come so far in the modelling industry that I’ve been able to make modelling into a career and not just a hobby,” she said.

Victoria Lily Tully

Victoria Lily said she struggled with mental health and bullying in the past, but is now looking forward to inspiring others. She said: “Years on I’ve overcome all of that. I accomplished my dream and I hope to inspire young individuals like myself to keep a positive headspace and always believe in their dreams because everything is possible.”

The young woman is hoping to take her career internationally in 2019, while using her profile for charity work along the way.

“With my title that is given to me I hope to work alongside a lot of charities this year for mental health that has been close to my heart throughout the years and has helped me through hard times,” she said.