Did you get engaged over the Christmas season? If so, congrats!

Now that the excitement is settling after the big proposals, thoughts are turning to wedding planning – dates, venues, guests, and the cost.

RTÉ are offering some lucky Irish couples the chance to have their Big Day planned for free this year.

The station is set to launch a new series called My Big Day: Home or Away, which could be the perfect opportunity for couples who like to do things a little differently.

In the show, a couple gets the services of two wedding planners Tara Fay and Bruce Russell for free. One planner plans a wedding in Ireland and the other plans a wedding abroad.

Wedding planners Tara Fay and Bruce Russell – COCO TV


The couple fully briefs Tara and Bruce about what they would like for their wedding, and they are then whisked off to a home and foreign location to help them choose one of the plans. The show ends with a wedding, either at home or away.

So, if you’ve been torn between a dream Donegal wedding or a getaway abroad, this could be the best way to discover what’s perfect for you!

To apply for My Big Day: Home or Away, just click here: https://cocotv.myauditionstage.com/#/guest/item/10