Can you believe they made all this in just a couple of days?

Two Donegal newlyweds stunned their guests with an explosive entrance last weekend – complete with zombies, guns and jetskis!

Jackie and Bernard Greene from Bunbeg, Gaoth Dobhair, were delayed getting to their wedding reception in the Waterfront Hotel Dungloe on Saturday.

But no one suspected what they were ‘really’ up to!

Jackie and Bernard recorded this entrance video before their big day to entertain their guests. And the result was a high-octane, blockbuster-quality thriller.

The film, created by the talented Re-Act Productions, sees the couple blasting the heads of undead monsters, racing through Donegal skies in a helicopter and splashing across Dungloe Bay in a jetski… with Jackie’s white dress and Bernards suit staying intact throughout.

The hair-raising adventure was bride Jackie’s idea. She told “Nobody suspected a thing, that was the best part. We kept it a secret from our family, bridesmaids and groomsmen until the big day.

“I wanted to do something different and add some entertainment factor to the wedding.

“Bernard wasn’t up for it, but he loves sci fi, so I suggested zombies and then he said okay, he’d do it.”

Jackie and Bernard enlisted filmmakers Ciaran McCann and Shaun Doogan of Re-Act Productions for the job. Re-Act made the viral ‘Destination Dungloe’ film, so they had many tricks up their sleeve for an action-packed wedding video.

Jackie said: “The guys were brilliant, they came up with the idea of the zombies not being real zombies, but Daniel O’Donnell fans that we accidentally kill and go on the run to warn others.

“We wanted a mix of James Bond/Father Ted, and the guys were amazing at making the action so quick and snappy. We’ve managed to achieve everything we set out to do.”

Jackie and Bernard race from the Tory Island Helicopter – Re-Act Productions

There are many familiar faces in the film, such as the zombies in the forest who were convincingly played by Jackie and Bernard’s friends, neighbours, and the babysitter of their two young boys!

The video took some strategic planning to bring in so many modes of transport, with some eager helpers joining the production team

Jackie said: “We’d like to thank Paul Bathgate for giving us the loan of his jet-ski and a boat for the boys to film us.

“Thanks to the Tory Helicopter crew who were so accommodating and to Mangan Tours who brought the bus over for the ‘crash’.

“Marie McGarvey and everyone in the Waterfront were so onboard with our plans. We’d like to thank them and everyone who helped out in the production.”

The video was uploaded to social media shortly after the Greene wedding and has since gained well over 11,000 views.

Thanks to Re-Act Productions and to Jackie and Bernard for sharing their video. If you have a wedding story or video you’d like to see on DW, get in touch on