This evocative and sensitive film seeks to make a difference this Christmas.

A charity project by Christmas Spirit LK has brought an emotional topic to the fore through a heartbreaking video.

The moving film, titled EverGlow, was filmed locally in Donegal and highlights the universal, but often unspoken, issues of miscarriage and child loss.

‘The EverGlow Project’ was launched for Christmas 2018 to raise funds for the Gynaecology Unit at Letterkenny University Hospital. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to run alongside the high-impact video which was released on Saturday.

The video has gained 17,000 views in two days, with many people saying they have been moved to tears as the subject resonates with them personally.

EverGlow, directed by Charlie Doherty and starring local actors Jason Daly and Eavan Hennessy, charts the raw experience of a young couple who fall pregnant and must tragically deal with a miscarriage.

The EverGlow Project @ChristmasSpiritLK

Pete Rose, founder of Christmas Spirit LK, sings the title song as scenes show the heartache, anger, and grief that many people deal with in silence after losing a baby.

Rose said he was motivated to explore this difficult topic in order to spread awareness and raise money for frontline pregnancy loss services locally.

An estimated 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, according to the HSE.

“At the moment in Ireland, there is no aftercare for miscarriage and child loss,” Rose said.

“These funds will go directly to the Gynaecology ward, the people on the ground, so that they can make the decisions that best benefit women and couples that come through their doors. And what a team of people they are in there.”

This Christmas Spirit LK project will be predominantly led through social media, and the team are counting on the public to share and donate to the cause for it to reach its targets before 31st January. Click here if you would like to support the GoFundMe fundraiser.

EverGlow follows the successful Letterkenny Cares Project in 2016, which brought Donegal groups together for a fun festive video and raised €7,500 for Pieta House and Donegal Hospice.