It’s official, Cadbury Roses are Ireland’s favourite Christmas treats.

Many festive feuds break out over seemingly important topics at Christmas – the choice of sweets on the living room table, the empty wrappers in/out debate and ‘who ate all the Big Purple Ones’?

Choosing which tub of sweets or biscuits to stock up on is the first hurdle.

A new survey from Aldi has crowned Cadbury Roses as the victorious treat of choice in Irish households this Christmas. 

The big blue tub had 43% of the overall vote, with Quality Street trailing behind at 18%.

We are a nation of biscuit lovers, and the people have responded – Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley was the winner in the crunchy category with 38% of the vote.

On favourite flavours, people said that fudge, caramel and orange flavours were the most argued over sweets amongst families when it comes to the ones that everyone wants.

Coffee, dark chocolate, Turkish delight and strawberry cremes were named as the chocolates that are always left behind. 

The brands most associated with Christmas in homes across Ireland are – Cadbury Roses, Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley, Quality Street, Coca Cola and Guinness.

Here are the top tins and tubs that Irish families love this year. Good to know just in time for Aldi’s sweet sale and Friday night’s Late Late Toy Show!

The most popular chocolate brands are:

  1. Cadbury Roses – 43%
  2. Quality Street – 18%
  3. Celebrations – 12%
  4. Cadbury Heroes – 8%
  5. After Eights – 5%
  6. Lindt – 3% and Ferrero Rocher – 3%
  7. Butlers (2%), Black Magic (2%), Terry’s Chocolate Orange (2%), Milk Tray (1%)
  8. Dairy Box – 1%

The most popular biscuit brands are:

  1. Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley – 38%
  2. Fox’s Biscuits – 15%
  3. Cadbury Chocolate Assortment – 10%
  4. McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives – 9%
  5. Jacob’s USA Biscuits – 8% and Shortbread – 8%
  6. Afternoon Tea – 5%
  7. Chocolate Hobnobs – 2%
  8. Snowballs (1%), Custard Cremes (1%), Pink Wafer (1%), Viscounts (1%) and Victoria Biscuits (1%)

Which are your festive favourites?