University student Niamh Shields has five tried and tested stress-busting tips for final year.

Endless amounts of Starbucks’ soy latte mochas, concealer to cover humongous eye bags, Rescue Remedies on stand-by and trips to the library, means one thing – Final Year Season.

People say enjoy it while it lasts, it goes by so quick but it can be every so challenging for those to enjoy it with the constant fear of assignments, exams, and the dreaded dissertation.

Every student’s beloved friend that is, stress, can creep up on us, but here a few ways to help combat stress in order to truly enjoy your Final Year.

1. Make to a To-Do List:

Every Sunday grab a notebook and pen and write down anything and everything that comes to your mind about tasks you must get done. When you have your responsibilities written down, now condense and prioritise each your tasks. Thursdays are my rest days where I simply enjoy a college day, stress free!

*Remember things always get done – Don’t put pressure on yourself*

2. Library Dates:

Book a study room, get the girlies, arrange a Starbucks errand beforehand and hit the library for a study session.

Now, this may not apply to everyone as we all have various study techniques. I am extremely fortunate to have met the lovely Ciara and Sophie who both are study lovers, stress heads and book worms like myself. We adore meeting up, arranging what to study next, assignment prep and simply having a little chat and reassuring one another, that we got everything under control.  

If study dates aren’t your thing, have a solo date to the library, get some snacks, have your favourite podcast as some background noise get studying!

3. Get Moving:

A wise lecturer once said, when stress or perhaps some anxious thoughts enter your mind, just move.

Whether it be a run to fetch to get some chocolate essentials *Me to a tee*, doing a yoga class, going for a jog or simply having a cheeky boogie in your student room when nobody is around, or are around, whatever confidence you may have.

Escaping that stressful mindset can help us re-charge and get back to the desk with a calmer and clearer mindset.


4. Know Your Triggers:

Everyone reacts to stress differently, for me, stress comes in the form of a lovely spot on a chin called, Ursula, an upset stomach and endless overthinking.

When triggers come into action, I simply just listen to my body and ask myself, is this stress necessary.

I revert to my To-Do List and remember that everything gets and will be done. Have a lovely shower, get a facemask on, listen to podcast, watch a film or read your favourite book, anything that relaxes you. After that, get a good night’s sleep and start a fresh tomorrow.

5. Have Fun:

Like all my endings to College Corner posts, remember to arrange YOU time, as I said, it’s final year, let’s make it a good fun socially and academically.