A music video will soon be launched to raise support for local gynaecology care.

The local charity project Christmas Spirit LK have today announced their third fundraiser for 2018.

This year’s campaign is titled the ‘EverGlow Project’ to raise awareness of miscarriage and collect donations for the Gynaecology Unit of Letterkenny University Hospital.

The Christmas Spirit LK campaign follows the hugely successful 2016 “Letterkenny Cares Project” which broke its target of €2,500 in its first 10 days and went on to raise over €7,500 for Donegal Hospice and Pieta House.

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“Christmas Spirit LK was founded on the belief that we could be better and we could do better, but especially at Christmas,” said organiser Pete Rose.

“So the Christmas Spirit LK Team have gone in a slightly different direction with this year’s project in a bid to practice what they preach.

“This year’s project will address a serious subject, an event that has touched us, or someone close to us. A silent grief, miscarriage.”

The charity project, now in its sixth year, involves launching a music video to bring the community together to raise awareness of a charity or issue.

This year’s video, accompanied by Coldplay’s song Everglow, will tell a story, based on true events, of a couple who will fall pregnant and experience a miscarriage.

The video will then follow the fallout of these events and the wide array of emotions they both face and their bid to cope.

Rose added: “Reports show at least 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage (surveys suggest closer to 1 in 4) and it is more common than people know. It is well recognised by the medical profession that a miscarriage can be extremely distressing to a woman.

“The video has been made to create awareness of the lack of services for women and their partners in the event of miscarriage, and to hopefully address the issue to let people know that there is help available,” he said.

The video, like previous years, will go live on social media from the 1st December @ 6pm until Christmas Day @ 6pm.

The fundraising page will be live from the 1st of November until Jan 31st.

The beneficiary of the EverGlow project will be the Gynaecology Unit at Letterkenny University Hospital, as this is the front line service in the North West when someone loses a baby.

For more updates, you can follow the @ChristmasSpiritLK Facebook page.