The Letterkenny Brownies have welcomed a fluffy friend to their group for a lesson on the antics of animals.

Solo the Samoyed Husky and Kathleen Murray from the Donegal SPCA met the Letterkenny Brownies this week to help them work towards their Irish Girl Guides Pet Care Badge. 

The girls needed to learn about the origins of certain species, their eating habits and what they do for fun – and Solo was ready to bark out some great advice!

Who knew that a cat could cover an area of 20 miles in one night of meandering or that one unspayed/unneutered cat (producing three litters per year with four kittens per litter) had the potential to produce more than 20,000 offspring in one year! (if all were unneutered or unspayed)?

Similarly, the girls were surprised to find out that many foods were potentially toxic to dogs chocolate, milk and dairy products, grapes and raisins, onions and garlic and of course alcohol.

They also discovered that ‘what‘s on the ground belongs to the dog’ so pick up after yourself!

The animal shelters and charities throughout Donegal work tirelessly to rehome rescue animals and they need local support.  

The Letterkenny Brownies would encourage everyone to support the educational talks provided by DSPCA, you too may get a chance to meet Solo and his other canine pals.

Their activity with Solo and Kathleen worked a treat, and the group have successfully gained their Pet Care Badge

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