'On a practical level, nothing has changed since the 25th May'

Some of Donegal’s pro-choice campaigners are preparing to travel to Dublin this weekend in the 7th Annual March for Choice.

The March will be the first since Ireland voted by a 66.4% majority to repeal the 8th Amendment and legalise terminations in the state. Donegal was the only constituency to vote No by a majority of 2,532 votes.

The 8th amendment was officially repealed on September 18th when Irish President Michael D. Higgins signed the Thirty-Sixth Amendment of the Constitution Bill 2018.

As the Dáil prepares to pass legislation to introduce abortion to Ireland, Abortion Rights Campaigners will be promoting their long-time ‘Free Safe Legal’ slogan at the March this Saturday 29th September.

Donegal Together for Yes led the pro-choice campaign before the May 25th referendum

Speaking ahead of the event, Donegal woman and ARC spokesperson Cathie Shiels said:

“The March will see thousands take to the street to celebrate our recent victories and to ensure that no one is left behind as we move forward with legislation and services.

“It will be a chance to honour those whose lives have been lost to the 8th Amendment and to make a promise that we will continue to fight until abortion is available across the Island of Ireland, including Northern Ireland, and to those whose circumstances will fall outside the remit of the proposed legislation.”

Shiels is reiterating the campaign’s calls for ‘free safe legal’ abortions as Ireland’s imminent services are finalised for the New Year.

She said: “This year’s March will be a chance to celebrate the successes of the pro-choice, pro-change movement in Ireland. However, it is also a time to acknowledge that on a practical level, nothing has changed since the 25th May.

“Every day, 10 people still travel for abortion care, while at least 3 more take pills at home that are safe but remain illegal under Irish law.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial that we as a nation come together to call for stigma-free access to abortion for anyone who wants or needs one, regardless of their financial or legal status,” Shiels said.

The March for Choice will start at 1:30pm Saturday 29 September at the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1.