TG4 presenter, Caitlín Nic Aoidh has been announced as the Irish-language ambassador for Cloughaneely for 2018/19.

Caitlín Nic Aoidh – TG4

This new role has been created by Cloughaneely’s Language Planning Committee. It will see Caitlín helping promote the usage of Irish in Cloughaneely, raise awareness of Irish-language initiatives and activities in the locality as well as encouraging people to participate in Irish-language-based activities.

Caitlín will also encourage the public to engage with the language planning process that is being currently rolled out in Cloughaneely.

Caitlín, who is from an tSeanbhaile in Cloughaneely has gained a national profile through her work as a weather presenter, anchor woman and a presenter of travel and lifestyle programmes on TG4.

She made international headlines in 2016 when she pulled off a Halloween trick on a live weather forecast, with the clip becoming a global sensation on the Internet.

Speaking on her announcement, Caitlín said the following:

“I am so happy and proud to be the first Irish language ambassador for Cloughaneely, the place where I was brought up. Cloughaneely is recognised as a place with a very strong community spirit and as a place where the language and culture are strong and vibrant.

“So many visitors and students visit our beautiful area because of the Irish Language. I am delighted to be part of the language planning process as it is vital that we hand our beautiful linguistic and cultural heritage to the next generation.

“The Irish language opened so many doors for me and had a huge part in shaping my identity. It is a resource in so many ways and I feel it is vitally important to the future well-being of Cloughaneely as a community.”

Caitlín Nic Aoidh

Prior to her television days, Caitlín became a local celebrity in Cloughaneely when she won a car on winning streak.

The youngest of four, Caitlin is from a well-known and respected family in Cloughaneely. The family were steeped in the Irish language and Caitlín grew up speaking Irish at home, immersing herself in the Gaelic culture of the locality.

She studied at Maynooth, where she did a degree and then a master’s in Irish.

Caitlín then moved to Galway to teach in a secondary school before being snapped up by TG4.

Caitlín believes her success is partly due to her exposure to Irish as she feels the language has played an important part in her professional development, helping her develop critical-thinking skills and better communication skills.

“We are honoured and so lucky to have Caitlín on board,” said Michéal Mac Aoidh the Irish language planner for Clouganeely.

“She is a great example of a contemporary Irish speaker – rooted in the tradition but in tune with the modern world. Also has a very strong vision and philosophy and her personality has the power to influence people, particularly young people. Caitlín is a huge asset for the Irish language in Cloughaneely”.

Cailtín’s appointment will be officially announced in the Loch Altan hotel, Gortahork on Friday 18th of October at 8pm where Minister for State for the Gaeltacht, Joe Mc Hugh T.D will launch the Irish Language Plan for Cloughaneely.