Get us to the reception on time!

A young Donegal couple has set the bar high on wedding entrances after recording an epic cross-country quest.

Buncrana newlyweds Shaun McEleney and Elaine Doherty stunned their wedding guests when they failed to turn up to their reception on time.

However, instead of happily strolling into the Inishowen Gateway, they were on a whole different adventure across local fields, back roads and pubs. It all starts when Shaun’s Audi won’t start…

Watch the video here:

Guests got this action-packed glimpse of Shaun and Elaine’s escapades before they finally entered the room to a great applause.

Elaine explains why they went above and beyond the regular wedding video:

“Both of us wanted to do something different to surprise our guests. We saw a few videos made in America and decided to put our own take on it,” she told Donegal Daily.

As the pair are both from a farming background and both love their cars, the thrilling video combined both their interests into one. The Laurentic Bar was a must-go for their pit stop too, since it’s owned by Elaine’s cousin.

Filming took place on one afternoon in July. Elaine admits that they got some strange looks and congratulations from passers-by in Dunree!

Viewers will notice that Elaine’s real wedding dress wasn’t the one that was dragged through the fields, but a charity-shop one instead.

The effort was all worth it in the end. The video received a rapturous applause on the big day and is gaining great traction on social media since it was uploaded on Sunday.

“The guests totally weren’t expecting it at all. They were still talking about it days afterwards and saying it was the best part of the day,” Elaine said.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Video courtesy of Cathal Doherty Video Productions.