Another appeal has been issued for all Lotto players in Co. Donegal to check their tickets as the deadline for a €30,094 Lotto prize, won on June 9th expires this Friday.

The National Lottery has revealed that it has still to hear from the holder of the lucky ticket which was purchased on the day of the draw at Byrne’s Foodstore in Kilcar in Co. Donegal.

The winning Lotto numbers for the draw on Saturday 9th June were:

11, 12, 19, 27, 30, 38 and the Bonus 16.

If you’re the lucky ticketholder, just sign the back of the ticket and contact the National Lottery Prize Claims Team on 01 836 4444.

However, there’s another way to claim the prize if you have lost your ticket.

In an exciting turn of events, a spokesman for the National Lottery has encouraged anybody who thinks the prize is rightfully theirs to get in touch – even though they may not have the ticket.

A spokesman told Donegal Daily “Our security team are in place to investigate any potential claim, even if the ticketholder has misplaced their ticket.

“We purposely withhold key information on winning tickets of this nature such as the price and time of purchase to ensure that any genuine claims are thoroughly investigated.

“They will have to provide key information on the time of purchase and price of the ticket for us to investigate their claim further.”

However, anyone thinking they can dupe the National Lottery should also be warned that they have a trump card.

The owner of the Byrne’s Foodstore, Adrian Byrne, has revealed he has CCTV footage in operation.

There is already speculation that the winner may be a tourist after a group of Americans bought ice-cream and lotto tickets on the day of the draw.

For security reasons the lottery cannot even tell Mr Byrne the exact time the winning lottery ticket was purchased.

However, this CCTV footage could be used to cross-reference any winner’s claim to the €30,094 prizemoney.

The lottery spokesman added “There are a number of reasons why we can’t use CCTV to find our winners. The release of CCTV footage is strictly prohibited by Data Protection legislation without the express consent of the individual.

“The National Lottery is obliged under its Licence to protect the privacy of all our winners and we can in no way compromise the identity of our players without their consent.”

If you think you’re the winner but have lost their ticket but know the rough time of the purchase, contact the National Lottery Prize Claims Team on 01 836 4444.