Brid Sweeney from Arranmore Island has received an award for her outstanding work at Beaumont Hospital. 

The healthcare assistant received an ‘Honour Your Heroes’ award of thanks this week from her patient, Louise McCarthy from Dublin.

Louise McCarthy, from Ranelagh Co. Dublin (left) pictured honouring Healthcare Assistant Brid Sweeney at the Beaumont Hospital Honour Your Heroes 2018 awards held in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

Louise (28) suffered four heart attacks when complications arose during an operation to repair an aneurysm in January 2018. Louise was thanking Brid for the care and support she provided to her during her recovery.

She lost movement on her right side and her speech. Louise has had to learn to walk and talk again after time in ICU and the neuro wards in Beaumont Hospital.

She gave the award to Brid for supporting her through the many weeks she was in hospital and could do nothing for herself. She totally relied on Brid and they became firm friends during this time.

A small number of former patients of Beaumont Hospital returned to the hospital on Wednesday to pass on thanks to members of hospital staff whom they believe went the extra mile in helping them regain their health and wellbeing.

The ‘Honour Your Heroes’ awards highlighted a small number of the many healthcare successes brought about by the 3,000 plus staff who work across fifty-four medical specialities at Beaumont Hospital.

Paddy Delaney, Managing Director of Beaumont Hospital Foundation said, “Many of those who shared their personal accounts have had to fight long and hard on the road to their recovery. But with the support of Beaumont and its staff, they have made a return to health and indeed, many of them have gone on to fundraise for improved patient care at Beaumont Hospital.

“‘Honour Your Heroes’, highlights our best product which is the medical expertise and the great level of care which staff provide to patients. Today is about showcasing the human face of healthcare and highlighting the degree of care which staff in Beaumont Hospital invest in their patients”, he concluded.