Do you remember the first time you got 'Naked'?

Makeup fans around the world are in mourning today after Urban Decay announced the end of the original Naked Palette.

The iconic nude eyeshadow palette was a staple for every woman’s makeup bag since 2010. Sadly today, there will be no more.

The OG Naked Palette

The discontinuation of Naked has raised a lot of drama. Whether it was your first starter palette, a much-loved gift or your daily go-to product, Naked has a special place on many people’s dressing tables.

An emotional funeral was held by some of the biggest beauty influencers and celebrities to say goodbye. Kandee Johnson, Christen Dominique, Katy DeGroot, Shayla Mitchell, Chrisspy and Nicole Richie all gathered to give it the gothic send-off it deserved:

If you have never bought a Naked palette for yourself, now is the time to do it before it’s gone for good. The palettes are still available in many department stores and online. Thankfully, to soften the blow, there are lots of discounts to be had on it this week.

Farewell, Naked, you were a gem.