Music star Nathan Carter treated a local woman to a very special concert when he was in town last week.

Sally Crossan from Lifford had an unexpected visitor on Thursday when Country Music star Nathan Carter arrived at her home.

Carter was in Donegal for the Clonmany Festival last week, but he had to make sure one of his biggest fans could also get the chance to hear him sing.

Nathan Carter visits Lifford woman Sally Crossan

Sally Crossan from Porthall was left paralysed following a car crash three years ago. She is unable to leave her home, but always had a great love of Nathan Carter’s music.

Hearing friends sing Nathan Carter songs always brought a smile to Sally’s face. Knowing that she cannot attend any concerts, St. Johnston woman Sarah McKean was inspired to write a post on Facebook inviting Carter to visit Sally and let her hear his voice in person.

Thanks to the power of social media, the visit was arranged within hours, and Carter arrived on Thursday for an unforgettable meet and greet at Sally’s bedside.

Nathan Carter visits Lifford woman Sally Crossan

Nathan even sang Sally’s favourite song ‘Wagon Wheel’ to a small audience of family members and Sally’s husband Johnny.

“I’ve never seen someone’s face light up so much,” Sarah told Donegal Daily.

“Nathan came into the house with a huge bouquet of flowers. He said he was just passing through and thought he’d drop in a little present.

“He held Sally’s hand the whole time and chatted to her. Sally can’t respond but she smiled the whole time.

“Before going, Nathan gave her a kiss and she was absolutely delighted.”

Sarah said she had never met Sally before this day, but knew Sally’s friends who would often visit to sing to her.

“My friends said they haven’t a note in their heads but Sally always smiles when they sing. I thought wouldn’t it be lovely to get Nathan to go see her.”

“There was no harm in trying”, said Sarah.

Nathan Carter, Sally Crossan, and Sarah McKean

Sarah posted her wish on Facebook on Tuesday, and within two hours she had got in contact with Carter’s management and had the visit all arranged.

“The visit really made all her dreams come true,” said Sarah.

“Nathan’s management said they were going back to Sally’s the next day to take her some DVDs and Nathan merchandise. They were amazing!,” she added.

Writing about this special day in the Sunday World, Carter said: “It was lovely to see the delight in Sally’s face when I walked into the room with a big bouquet of flowers for her.

Carter said it was an honour to meet Sally, Johnny and her family, and asked fans to join him in sending best wishes to Sally during this difficult time in her life.