Northern Ireland MLA Nichola Mallon is full of gratitude this week after having her long lost engagement ring returned to her from a Donegal beach. 

MLA Nichola Mallon thought she would never see her ring again after she lost it 18 months ago on a play park at Ballyliffin, Inishowen.

She searched for hours that evening and the next morning for the ring. There was no sign of it in the sand, even with the help of kind strangers using metal detectors. Nichola came home distraught.

Amazingly, 18 months later, the hot summer weather burnt away reeds to reveal the ring. It was found on the August Bank Holiday weekend by Amanda Doherty, whose sister Fiona posted an appeal on Facebook to find the owner.

Word eventually reached Nichola and her husband Brendan. After being reunited with the ring, Nichola saw the whole event as a sign that ‘good things do happen’.

Nichola Mallon @NicholaMallon

Nichola said: “I cannot believe that 18 months later a lady would find it, her sister would post it on Facebook and my ring and I have been reunited.

“I can never thank Fiona Collins and her sister Amanda enough for finding it and for their honesty.


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