We think that SJP deserves a tourism award for painting Donegal in such a beautiful light.

Sex and the City star Sarah Jesica Parker’s holiday with husband Matthew Broderick and kids in Kilcar has come to an end this week.

SJ, being the literary fan that she is, has penned a romantic poem sharing her love for all that she loves about Donegal and Ireland.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have a holiday home in Donegal

In the goodbye letter, she is wistful over the cosiest elements of Irish life – friendly people, turf, tweed and the weather. She also gives a great shout out to Kerrygold Butter and heaps praise on homegrown spuds.

SJ shared the poem yesterday with a beautiful photo of the Kilcar coastline on Instagram:

“Farewell sultry and fickle skies
Farewell plumes of smoke from chimneys 
Farewell ranges emitting the earthy and welcoming smell of turf
Farewell chips and tweed and open smiles
Farewell “marked bags”, lamb cutlets and kerrygold 
Farewell to the most perfect spuds in all the world. Flowery or waxy. I will miss you most of all.

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The actress has clearly loved her home comforts during their August break at their Kilcar holiday home.

Earlier in the week, SJ entered the Lyons vs Barrys Tea debate by confirming that she is a Lyons tea drinker and gave Dublin pottery studio Arran Street East a priceless plug.

She has also enjoyed visiting the local library, doing jigsaws with her kids on a rainy day, and tucking into hot buttered wheaten bread.


With 4.5million Instagram followers, SJ’s photos promote a blissful picture of Donegal holidays and give the ‘Coolest Place on the Planet’ some extra A-List approval.

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