Dress for Success: Carmel Sheerin

We can all be at a loss sometimes when it comes to dressing for work and events.

Not Carmel Sheerin, though. The Ballybofey woman runs a personal stylist service for career-driven women who want to look their best, in order to feel their best, and achieve their best results in business.

In her own words, Carmel says: “I help professional women position themselves for success, impact and profit with a distinctive and personal style.

“When they work with me they make grooming and wardrobe choices that make an instant impression with a unique look that positions them for achievement!”

We asked Carmel to share a snippet of her style advice for all Donegal women.

It’s all about first impressions, she said. So whether you’re preparing for a presentation, interview or would like to bring your confident vibes into the office, here are Carmel’s seven tips for powerful first impressions:

  1. If the way you are dressed is remarkable you will be memorable, if you are memorable you will be more profitable.
  2. A powerful outfit doesn’t mean you have to dress in grey, black and navy – adding some colour can be all it takes.
  3. Presentation is everything, we are judged on appearance everywhere we go. It doesn’t matter how good your content, or your expertise is, if you don’t look the part you will lose your credibility and clients.
  4. Have at least 3-4 key outfits you can rely on for all your professional meetings and events – this will save you time and money.
  5. Comfort is everything – if you feel good you will look good, if it doesn’t feel good, it won’t look good – don’t take the chance.
  6. Dressing for success does not mean over dressing. It means representing your brand at every opportunity so that you’re always making a powerful impression.

    ‘Wearing red when giving talks tells your audience that you’re full of energy and excitement. This choice shows you are ready to take the lead and you mean business.’

  7. And when it come to investing always ask yourself these three questions: Will I wear it again? How often will I wear it? Do I have something already I can wear with it?

City Tailoring looks by www.next.ie

‘And always remember: You only get one chance to make a first impression’

If you would like to contact Carmel for personal styling queries, visit www.facebook.com/dressforsuccesscarmel or Tel: 0861948457