Local mother Mary Logue wants to share her story of grief to help other families.

Erin Logue from Loughanure. Image: Tocht na Mathar, TG4

Mary Logue from Loughanure will be appearing on TG4’s poignant documentary series ‘Tocht na Máthar’ this week.

The Logue family endured immense heartache following the death of their youngest son Erin in 2008.

Erin passed away following two years of illness with a rare cancerous brain tumour.

He was only seven years old when he was first diagnosed and sadly succumbed to his illness on 4 October 2008. The much-loved pupil of Scoil Eoin Pól, Loch an Iúir, died surrounded by family and friends at just 9 years of age. He was the youngest of three boys.

The second episode of TG4 series Tocht na Máthar will visit West Donegal this week to meet Erin’s mother Mary as she shares an insight into how the family dealt with their loss.

Mary and Erin Logue from Loughanure. Image: Tocht na Mathar, TG4

The moving account will explore how Mary coped when the most dreaded outcome happened to her sick child.

Mary wishes to share her story to help other families who find themselves going through a similar experience. The series aims to show that there can be life after loss and hope from tragedy.

This episode of Tocht na Máthar airs on TG4 on Wednesday 13th June at 9.30pm.