The Eighth has been repealed.

The result of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment has been officially declared. Ireland has voted a resounding Yes to repeal the Eighth Amendment and liberalise abortion laws.

The national result saw 66.4% voting Yes and 33.6% voting No.

Out of the 40 constituencies, there were 2,153,613 valid total votes. The final Yes total was 1,429,981, and 723,632 voting No.

Majority of votes in favour of the proposal: 706,349

Donegal was the only constituency to vote No by a close margin. The final result was 48.13% Yes to 51.87% No.

There was a 57.06% turnout in the north west, with the 35,091 citizens voting in favour of retaining the Eighth Amendment and 32,559 voting Yes.

Donegal was one of the final areas awaiting a result this evening before the rejection was announced.

Cheers and chants rang out in the Aura Leisure Centre in Letterkenny from both sides, with Together for Yes rejoicing the fact that the “Republic Voted Yes.”

Parts of south Donegal, which are in the Sligo-Leitrim constituency, voted heavily in favour of repeal with over 60% in the Yes vote.