A seemingly pro-life campaign display on one of Donegal's busiest roads has sparked a widespread reaction of shock this Friday morning. 

Thousands of small white crosses were placed along the roadside last night from Bridgend up to the Dry Arch Roundabout in Letterkenny.

Photo: Northwest Newspix

The display has been linked to the anti-repeal campaign, however the Donegal Pro-Life office is not answering calls for comment this morning.

Spokesperson for Donegal Together for Yes Sinead Stewart has strongly criticised the demonstration. Speaking to Donegal Daily, Sinead said: “The hypocrisy of it all is really staggering. We’ve had people who are really upset and annoyed by this.

“I think they are absolutely brushing over the pain and the suffering of the women and families of Donegal by doing something like this.

“My question is: What are those crosses for? Are they for the babies in Tuam? Are they for the women in the Magdalene Laundries? Are they for each child that was sold to American couples from the Catholic Church?

“The hypocrisy is absolutely outstanding. They have outdone themselves.

“We are very aware it’s a stunt, but where they are getting the money for this is questionable as well, because they are not SIPO registered.”

Donegal Together for Yes have recently lodged a formal complaint against Donegal Pro-life with the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO). The group have claimed that Donegal Pro-Life are not registered as a Third Party body campaigning in the forthcoming referendum, which is necessary for any bodies which are in receipt of a donation of over €100.

Photo: Northwest Newspix

Photo: Northwest Newspix

Sinead added: “Our concern is obviously for the women and families who are very upset this morning, and I just wonder do they realise the effect they are having.”

Local mother and Donegal Woman columnist Maria Rushe has interpreted the display with an alternative outlook. In a strong and scathing post on The S-Mum Blog, she said ‘Thank You’ to the campaigners:

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