Anti-repeal campaigners have branded Sligo’s iconic Ben Bulben mountain with a huge ‘No’ sign today.

The 50m high letters, which can be seen from miles away, were placed in the early hours of Thursday morning by Sligo for Life.

The group have said the sign was erected in opposition to government’s plans to repeal the 8th amendment in next week’s referendum.

No Sign at Ben Bulben, Sligo, via Twitter user @N_Five_One_B_U

Despite local criticism that the sign is vandalism, Sligo for Life have insisted the signage is not illegal and will remain in place until after the referendum.

Spokesperson for the group Tommy Banks told Ocean FM that the display was a group effort by local men, while women made sandwiches.

He said there were men of all ages helping out, and women as well, “down getting ready tea and sandwiches.”

“It’s a cry from the mountain to save Ireland’s babies and no one is listening,” Mr Banks said.

Sligo County Council have said they are not in a position to remove the lettering.

“As the land where the lettering was placed is commonage, Sligo County Council has no role in this matter,” the statement said.