If you're not on the register, you can't vote.

This weekend is the final call for people to register to vote and make their vote count in the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment.

It was revealed this week that 4,312 eligible young people (under 25) in Donegal have yet to add their name to the register.

The deadline for voter registration is May 8th, and forms should be sent off before the Bank Holiday weekend to ensure they arrive at local authorities by Tuesday.  Forms can be hand delivered on Tuesday if people miss today’s postal deadline.

Check if you are already registered by clicking here.

Any Irish citizen is eligible to vote in the referendum if they are over 18 years of age on or before the date of the referendum (May 25th).  You can be included if this birthday falls after the closing date for applications but is on or before polling day.

To get on the supplement of the register, you need to fill out the RFA2 form. You can also get this form in your post office, public library, or local authority.

The form must be signed by a member of the Gardaí (remember to bring a form of ID to the station) and posted or delivered to your local authority or county council by Tuesday, May 8th.

If you have changed address, you use form RFA3 to apply for inclusion on the supplement at your new address. This will also remove you from the register for your previous address.This form must be received by your local authority by May 8.

To make sure you are on the Register, visit www.checktheregister.ie