Tory Island woman Niamh Ní Dhubhgáin has been officially chosen as our Donegal’s Rose of 2018.

Fourteen talented and enthusiastic young Donegal women took part in the Donegal Rose selection event last night at the Central Hotel Donegal Town. After a night of stories, music and entertainment, Niamh Ní Dhubhgáin emerged as the winning rose.

Niamh had the support of all her family and friends from Tory Island as she gave an impressive interview and performance for judges Rory O’Donnell, Emma Boylan and Zoe McGettigan.

Niamh Ní Dhubhgáin – Donegal Rose 2018

In her interview with MC Lee Gooch, Niamh talked about her love of island life and her community. She is a proud member of Mná Thoraí – a group of women who are campaigning to fighting to save the Ferry Service.

The Galway student of Irish, Psychology and Performing Arts said she aspires to pursue a career in Law or Teaching, due to her motivation for change and love of helping others. Niamh also works part-time in Penneys Galway and at the Shandon Hotel & Spa.

Niamh, who comes from a long line of talented Sean Nos singers, performed a beautiful rendition of Caledonia.

Niamh Ni Dhubhgain, Gareth Ball from Donegal Rose sponsors R Mc Cullagh Jewellers and 2017 Donegal Rose Amy Callaghan

The proud Gaeilgeoir said being Donegal’s representative for the year would open up a world of opportunities:

She said: “It would mean everything to me because of this need that I have to help people. If I had the public platform of being Donegal Rose I think it would help me so much more. It would be a great achievement for me and it would make me so proud to fill Amy’s shoes.”

2017 Donegal Rose Amy Callaghan beamed with pride as she handed over the sash to Niamh on her victory.

Donegal Rose Selection

Niamh said she felt amazing and gave a special shout out to her family: “My father and my mother are the two hardest working people that I know,” she said.

Niamh will go on to represent the county at the Kerry festival in August, while we’re sure to see much more of the motivated young Donegal woman as she champions her home county throughout the year.

Images via Donegal Rose Facebook