Exactly two weeks ago broadcaster Kathryn Thomas welcomed her first child, Ellie, into the world.

Ellie is Kathryn’s first child with fiancé Padraig McLoughlin, and their first two weeks as a little family have been blissful.

Sharing an adorable snap on Instagram, Kathryn says: “Two weeks ago today and this little peanut has changed our entire world.

“Ellie’s due date was actually today but she’s gaining weight and doing great.

“Incredible how our lives altered completely when this little human was put on my chest.

“Totally sleep deprived, but never been happier.

“Thank you for all your well wishes, support and advice over the last couple of months. Every single message meant so much to both of us xxxx.”

From the second she lay eyes on Ellie, Kathryn was “utterly in love” with her beautiful baby daughter.


Baby Ellie is particularly special to the couple as Kathryn suffered two miscarriages within the last three years.

Bravely speaking about losing two babies on The Late Late Show earlier this year, she said “the anxiety never leaves you.”

Despite the sonographer being concerned over little Ellie’s heartbeat during the 6 week scan, Ellie is thriving and is now a happy and healthy new member of the McLoughlin family.