World Down Syndrome Day is being celebrated in great ways everywhere today – and it’s the perfect day to take a few moments to watch this heartwarming video.

50 mums and their four-year-olds have filmed themselves in their cars lip-syncing and signing to Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ in a celebration of love for children with Down Syndrome.

The diverse video features mums who are all part of a Facebook group known as “Designer Genes” created for parents who have a child with Down’s Syndrome born in 2013/14.

The UK families got together to show the world just how ordinary and fun life with the condition is and how they “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”. The sign language used is called Makaton, one which helps people to communicate using signs and symbols.

The video has gone viral in just one week, and captured the hearts of celebrities and families all over the world.

James Corden, the king of Carpool Karaoke, said the video moved him to tears. Christina Perri said she was honoured that her song was chosen, tweeting to say: “My heart is so full!!!”

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