Here’s an uplifting romance story for you today!

The blue skies of Donegal were the perfect setting for a Derry couple’s happy engagement this week.

Yvonne McDaid and Shaun Hasson were flying (on the wings of love, presumably) on Monday when Shaun planned an elaborate proposal using a Donegal beach.

Yvonne had bought her partner flying lessons with the Eglinton Flying Club for Christmas, but he turned the introductory journey into a gift for both of them.

Photo: Eglinton Flying Club

Shaun enlisted his parents to mark out a huge “Will you marry me?” sign on Lisfannon Beach, which Yvonne would spot from the air, BBCNI reports.

They were flying past the 12ft letters when Shaun brought out the ring and popped the question. Thankfully, he had Flight Instructor Eugene McShane prepared to take over the plane controls too!

Photo: Eglinton Flying Club

Instead of yes, Yvonne replied with ‘You’re dead’, Shaun told the BBC.

He said: “She’s just the perfect woman and I always thought one day, one day.”

This day was just another celebratory moment for the couple, as Yvonne is due to have a baby this year.

That’s how you bring marriage proposals to a whole other level!

Eugene McShane, Yvonne McDaid and Shaun Hasson. Photo: Eglinton Flying Club

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