University student Niamh Shields shares five things we can do on Sundays to make the most out of the week ahead.

Ah, Sundays, my favourite day of the week. Sunday walks with mum and Marie, movies with Dad, sibling fights with Dom, and a John Mc Ginley Travel catch-up with my favourite human being, Stephanie.

I adore Sunday; however, I sometimes can’t help shake the Monday fear that ruins my Sunday sunshine buzz.

Every student and in fact every adult too experiences Monday Misery, but fear not, here are a few tips to turn that misery into magic!


1. Make a necessary list of things to do for the week:
Niamh List Shields is my name, don’t wear it out! I am that girl in the lecture with her fluffy pen, vanilla latte, pink pukka pad and planner at the ready, don’t judge me folks, but organisation is key.

Every Sunday evening when I travel upon the John McGinley bus, I play my cheesy hits playlist on Spotify and write out all the things that must be done for the week ahead.

Not only is it relaxing, it also gives me a clear head for what tasks need to be complete and a little bit excited for the week ahead.

2. Meal Plan:
College can be crazy busy, sometimes it can be difficult to cook with how tired you are from the busy days. Just Eat becomes your bestie. No, no and no!

This year I have decided to meal plan and it has saved my life and my waistline! I adore looking up student meals on Instagram and Pinterest, looking up what meals I can make is so much fun and it makes my Monday grocery shopping ever so exciting. Did I mention I’m a wild college student?

3. Set Some Weekly Goals:
Whether it be joining a new society, applying for an Erasmus or simply hitting the gym, your goals don’t have to be too ambitious or wild.

Goal setting help prompt decision making and encourage you to be the best you.


4. Plan a Girly Night In or Night Out:
When being away from the precious, not mention, amazing Hills sometimes the week can drag in making you both bored and homesick.

Call up the girlies Sunday eve and plan a catch up whether it be a Netflix and Chinese night or a night out in Culchie Coppers.

A night with the girls is the perfect distraction and it’s also something to look forward to during the week!


5. Sunday Sleep:
Hop into the shower, grab yourself a facemask, get your favourite chocolate bar, *mine is Kinder Bueno* put your fluffy pyjamas on and hop into bed with your favourite book.

Get to bed early and avoid technology an hour before you hit the hay. Whether it be reading or listening to your favourite podcast, drift into a deep sleeping and dream about your gorgeous week ahead.

Plenty sleep is essential for good performance.

Just remember whatever the week may throw at you, you’ve got this!

Lots of love,