Beautician Lorraine Quinn from Beauty at the Lodge shares all you need to know about one of the hottest beauty trends of 2018 - eyelash extensions.

Your eyes are the window to your soul, so shouldn’t we give them the most beautiful frames we can?

Eyelash Extensions enhance the beauty of the natural eye in different ways.

The process is a semi-permanent one and involves the professional adhering of a lash to each individual lash of your own. It is very relaxing and the results are amazing leaving you with beautiful, lush and natural extensions along your own lash line.

Lash Extensions are Ideal for holidays, Special occasions or any Brides to be. They are also an excellent choice to glam yourself up for a weekend away!


What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.  Lash extensions are tiny black fibers that resemble eyelashes and that are attached to natural eyelashes using medical grade adhesive.

The most common extension materials are Mink, Silk and Synthetic Silk. They tend to be the lightest and softest, which is why some people believe they’re the best fake eyelashes. It’s also why they’re the most expensive.

Are there different lengths of eyelash extensions?
Yes, we have a variety of eyelash extensions lengths (4mm to 14mm), thicknesses (0.03mm, 0.04mm, 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm) and curls (B, J,C, CC, D, L) . We customize a look that works perfect for you!

The difference between One to One Lashes & Russian Volume Lashes


One to One – Individual 
Classic Eyelash Extensions involves the process of carefully applying a single extension fibre to a single natural healthy eyelash at approximately .5 of a millimetre away from the eyelid skin making it very precise work that requires a great deal of concentration.

Before & After One To One Individual Lashes

A typical full set of Classic lashes can vary from having 80 extensions up to 150 extensions per eye depending on the clients desired look and of course how many natural healthy lashes they have to begin with. This style is not always recommended for those with thin/sparse natural lashes. Russian Volume extensions would be a better option as the fanned lashes can fill in the sparse areas to create a full set of lashes.


Russian Volume
Russian volume, is a specialised technique and style of eyelash extensions. They are light natural semi permanent extensions, but instead of 1 individual lash attached to the clients lashes, we can attach 3 or more on each lash.

As the name suggests the technique originates from Russia, where lash pioneers created a bouquet of lashes, fanning out two or more lashes and placing them on to a single natural lash to create the fullest sets that were unprecedented with classic style extensions.

Before & After Russian Volume Lashes

Prior to this, it was frowned upon to attach more than one extension onto one natural lash, as it would weigh down the lash and compromise the health of lashes over time. The Russian technique uses specialised eyelash extensions that are of a mere 0.07mm diameter (sometimes even 0.05mm) to make this possible without damaging the natural lash.

The term 2D, 3D 4D, 5D etc. in the volume technique is used to describe how many lashes are in the fan or bouquet of lashes. 3D means 3 lashes are placed onto one natural lash.

Volume extensions are all hand made on the spot – your technician makes each bouquet, carefully fanning out multiple lashes using their tweezers before attaching them to your lashes. The procedure is very delicate and much more intricate than classic extensions; absolute precision is a necessity.


Benefits of Russian Volume Lashes
The Russian volume eyelash extensions help fill in the gaps between sparse natural lashes that classic extensions could not do. The volume lashes create a fluffy, softer look to the lashes. They have been reported to cause less damage to the natural eyelash, because of their lighter weight.

Many people think that more volume means more adhesive, but this is a misconception. Russian Volume lashes require only a small fraction of that which was used with previous extension techniques. Russian lashes look darker than classic sets also, adding a richer look to your lashes.

Obviously, another major benefit is how they make you look and feel. You can get up in the morning and without having to apply any makeup, you can look pretty good. Having the dark lashes, you never have to use mascara. If you are just running a few errands and you don’t want to do a full makeup job, you know that you will still look fabulous because you have your eyes on. When you do decide to do full makeup, your eyes will automatically look more dramatic.


Your Eyelashes won’t fall out at a faster rate, it will just feel that way. We all loose up 5 lashes per day naturally , but it’s going to be more noticeable on your pillow in the morning with an extension attached. There are three phases of the lash cycle: growing, shedding and dormant. We don’t know which lash is on which [phase] and each eye has it’s own cycle and they’re all kind of doing their own thing, So you are going to lose lashes, it’s important to understand that this is normal process, because like every other hair on your body, eyelashes are perpetually moving through a natural growth cycle.


Eyelash Function
Eyelashes aren’t just a pretty feature on the body, they have a very specific and important function. Eyelashes are designed to prevent objects from getting in the eyes. Each eyelash is actually a sensory hair that reflexively shuts the eyelid whenever it is touched by dirt, dust or anything else that could possibly get in the eye. The upper lid typically has about 90 to 150 lashes on it, while the bottom has between 70 and 80 lashes. Most eyelashes grow to be about 10 mm long (just over 3/8 inch).


Is lash shedding normal?
I feel that it’s important to educate people on how the lash cycle works, creating realistic expectations when it comes to lashes, helping to keep them healthy and strong. The average person loses up to 20% of natural lashes every 2 weeks and new hair growth is constant. Just like the hair on head goes through shedding cycles, so do your lashes. Each of your lashes goes through a predictable, approximate 3 month cycle.


Anagen (Growth) Phase
The anagen phase is also called the growth phase. This is the phase when lashes are actively growing, and it lasts between 30 and 45 days. Only about 40 percent of the upper lashes and 15 percent of the lower lashes are in the anagen phase at any one time. Each lash will grow to a specific length and then stop.


Catagen (Transition) Phase
The catagen phase is also known as the transition phase. During this phase, the lash stops growing and the hair follicle shrinks. If an eyelash falls out or is plucked out during this phase, it won’t grow back right away because the follicle needs to complete the catagen phase before it can move on to the next one. This phase lasts between two and three weeks.


Telogen (Resting) Phase
The telogen phase is also referred to as the resting phase. This phase can last more than 100 days before the eyelash falls out and a new one begins to grow. Because each individual lash is in its own phase of the growing cycle, it’s normal for a few lashes to fall out most days.


After a consultation and discussion on the lash design you require. Collagen pads are placed to the undereye area, which are very soothing but the main purpose for this is to shield the bottom lashes during the procedure.

The lashes are gently cleansed to remove any traces of oil. This is a lying down procedure, so you are made comfortable and covered with a warm cozy blanket. Your technician will avoid conversation with you at this point as moving of the cheek bones may dislodge the collagen pads.

This is the time where you can relax, listen to some calming music and drift off.


How long do they last? 

Eyelash extensions last an average of 3-4 weeks if aftercare is strictly adhered to and you treat them with lots of TLC. To have your eyelash extensions always looking their best infills are recommended 2-3 weeks from the initial application.


What are infills?
Infills are like touch-ups for your extensions. Performed regularly, they’ll keep your lashes looking full and luscious. You may need them more or less often depending on how well you look after your extensions, your natural lash cycle, and the style of your initial set.

Will it hurt?
No! When properly applied, lash extensions should NEVER hurt! Extensions are applied to your natural lashes, not touching the skin, so you shouldn’t feel a thing. You will rest comfortably with your eyes closed during the entire application.


How long does the application take?
You can expect us to be meticulous and precise when designing your lashes. The process will last approximately 90 minutes for (one to one lashes) and 2 hrs for Russian Volume Lashes.


I’m a mascara junkie. Can I still use it over my extensions?
Most clients don’t find it necessary to wear mascara with eyelash extensions.

However, if you must wear mascara, we advise using a water-based formula. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED OR WATERPROOF MASCARA!! (Oil-based eye makeup and makeup remover should also be avoided.)

Oil based products can dissolve the bonding agent used on your extensions, causing the lashes to fall out.


Can I have extensions applied to my bottom lashes?
Quite simply, no. Applying lash extensions to the bottom lashes would require clients to keep their eyes open. For safety reasons, we do not condone this practice.


Do I need to prep my lashes before I come in?
Yes, please! Make sure your eyelashes are squeaky clean – no traces of eye makeup, eyeliner or mascara prior to your appointment. Use an oil-free make up remover if possible, and rinse well.

Any traces of oil or makeup (especially mascara!) will create a barrier between the adhesive and your natural lashes, causing your extensions to drop off prematurely.


Can I get a half set?
We get numerous requests for half sets, or “just a few in the corners.” At Beauty at the Lodge that’s not really our style! More lashes add definition, fullness and longevity to your set. Half sets can look incomplete and are often difficult to blend in with your natural lashes, resulting in a look that appears unfinished.

We understand that some clients assume by having a full set of lashes will give them a false ‘over the top’ look. Eyelash extensions can be applied to look as natural or dramatic as you would like.

Do you offer eyelash extensions for men?
Of course! Who said only women can have beautiful eyelashes? Eyelash extensions have been one of the best kept celeb guys beauty secrets until recently.

Professional Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are the hottest new trend to hit the men’s grooming industry! We will choose exactly the right lash length and thickness for you.

We can give super natural sets of eyelashes which blend in with he’s own natural lashes. Nobody will notice they’re eyelash extensions!


How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

To keep your lashes looking gorgeous as long as possible, we recommend you follow your aftercare advice.

1. Avoid contact with water or steam for 24 hours after your appointment to allow the lashes to settle The longer you wait, the better!

2. Avoid exposing your lashes to prolonged heat, as this can weaken the bond and cause your extensions to fall off.

3. Absolutely no heated lash curlers!

4. If they are getting a little unruly, gently run a lash wand through your extensions to adjust them and bring them all back into line.

5. Avoid using oil-based products around your eyes.

6. It is important you remove eye make up using an oil-free make up remover

We recommend to all our lash clients to cleanse their lashes twice a day using our Lash Cleanser by London Lash. This is an absolute ‘must have’ product for clean lashes!


Tip . To prevent any build up of make up, dust and bacteria, gently wipe along the eyelid with a clean wet pointed cotton bud.


How will they feel and how will they look?
They will feel weightless and natural during the day and evening. Your lashes will look fuller, darker, more defined, longer and thicker

Can I wear contact lenses?
Yes. As a precaution, we recommend contact lenses are removed for the application procedure. Contact lenses can be worn directly after treatment and throughout the the life of your eye lash extensions.


Can I get my eyelashes tinted?
You can get your lashes tinted before the procedure but not after, it is recommended but not essential to have them tinted if you have very light pale lashes, as this will darken the root and blend in with the lash extension and lower lashes.


Eye shapes

It’s well known that we’re all different and come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve read countless beauty articles over the years about face shapes… But did you know about eye shapes?

Naturally, eye shapes play a big part when it comes to designing an eyelash extension plan for our clients. So I wanted to share our expert tips with you so that you can take advantage and get the best out of your eyelash extension treatment.

1. Almond

An almond eye shape (also known as the cat eye) is perceived in traditional beauty standards as the ‘most beautiful’ eye shape. This eye shape can carry off almost every look. You can do no wrong. The outer corner of the eye is wider and slightly upturned.


2. Wide Set

As the name suggests, Wide Set eyes sit quite far apart from each other. When designing for this eye shape, emphasis is focused on the inner corners of the eye, to create the illusion they are closer together than what they actually are.


3. Close Set

This eye shape is the opposite of Wide Set eyes and the design principles for balancing this eye shape are exactly the opposite. Close Set eye shapes benefit from emphasising the outer corners of the eyes, so this is where we lash the heaviest and longest to draw attention away from the inner corners of the eyes.


4. Downturned

Downturned eyes can be challenging for some when it comes to eyelash extensions. If designed incorrectly, a Downturned eye shape can be easily exaggerated and appear even more downturned and pull the entire face down with it.

The key to disguising a downturned eye is lift. Using a stronger curl at the outer ends as well as keeping eyelash extensions very short for the first section of the outer corners will ensure that the Downturned eye shape is not emphasised. The point of emphasis should be between the start of the iris and pupil when looking straight ahead.


5. Small

Often paired with hooded eyes, small eyes can be made to look even smaller with heavy lashing. Open up small eyes with a strong curl and emphasis on the middle of the eye.


Other eye shape factors…
So now it gets a little more complex.

While we’ve just discussed the positioning of the eyes, there are other factors which are added into the mix.

1. Hooded

This eye shape is characterised by the brow bone hiding the eyelid when the eyes are open and is often paired with small eyes. The danger when using eyelash extensions with Hooded eyes is that if lashed too heavily, the eyes can seem smaller and closed off. The aim for Hooded eyes is to open them up as much as possible. We do that by using a stronger curl and emphasising the middle of the eye.


2. Asian
Obviously there are lots of diverse Asian eye shapes so these principles are generalised. Similar to Hooded eyes, Asian eyes generally lack a crease in the eyelid, making opening the eye a focus for this eye shape. Asian eyelashes are usually very straight and downward pointing so “L” shaped curls are used to counteract the downward pointing lashes.


3. Deep Set

As the name suggests, Deep Set eyes are characterised by the eyes being held further back in the eye socket. They are generally large eyes and can be overshadowed by the brow bone. This eye shape is susceptible to looking very heavy and ‘aged’ so it’s good to use a stronger curl on this eye to give some lift and light. Heavy lashing is not recommended for this eye shape.


4. Protruding

The opposite of Deep Set, Protruding eyes bulge from the eye socket and can be very over powering on the face. Subdue the look of a protruding eye with a soft B or J curl eyelash extension, and cat eye shape to elongate the eye, rather than opening it further

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