"Raise your voice for Tory, don't make the people leave"

Churchill woman Maria McCormack has penned a spine-tingling song about the struggle the people of Tory island are currently facing.

Families are considering leaving their homes on the island, which has a population of 120 people, to move to the mainland as they fear that the ‘new’ ferry, The Queen of Aran – which is 42 years old – is not fit for purpose and will struggle to make the crossing from the mainland.

Instead, locals are campaigning for a purpose-built boat that can adequately connect Tory Island with the mainland.

Maria, who runs The Happy Camper Cafe, told Donegal Woman that she has a great love for the island and its people.

“I have visited in the past and just adore everything about it.

“I have plans to go there in June which is when I wanted to write my Tory song but I felt the need to write it now because the island needs as many people to raise their voice for them. They need a safe and reliable ferry service.

“They are so worried about the future of the island when already families are afraid they will need to leave and find homes on the mainland.

“I wish I could be with them on the 28th when they go to protest in Galway but unfortunately I have a commitment with the Happy Camper but I will be with them in spirit.

“Toraigh inniu. Toraigh amarach. Toraigh go brath!”