With Clare's support, it seems that Kemal isn't doing too badly for himself!

In just six short episodes, Channel4’s Derry Girls produced a wealth of one-liners and memorable characters. There was one particular boy that stood out for Donegal viewers, even though he didn’t exist!

Kemal, the wee Ethiopian fella from Ballybofey, was born from one unforgettable line and one hilarious mix-up.

Actresses Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Nicola Coughlan, who play Erin and Clare, couldn’t believe it last week when they met a real-life Kemal in London. The perfect coincidence came as they ordered an Uber taxi on Friday night and their driver turned out to be called Kemal.

Nicola posted a screenshot of her app to share her disbelief that Clare and Kemal were finally going to meet, after all those years.

In the first episode of Derry Girls, Kemal was a starving African child for whom Clare was doing a 24 hour fast. She denied herself sweets in the shop to save money for Kemal, while remembering that he has to walk 25 miles a day for water.

Clare shows her sponsorship card for Kemal. Image: Derry Girls, Channel 4

If this is the same Kemal working in London, people were quick to point out that Clare’s sacrifice actually helped:

One commenter said: “He’s doing alright after those sponsorships. Clare’s fasting paid off.”

Perhaps Ballybofey could host a homecoming for Kemal, since he’s not too far away from Donegal. You never know, there might be work for him with Kia Kabs!