Is it only awkward if you say it's awkward?

This season of First Dates Ireland has had a noticeable lack of Donegal singletons – until this week!

Letterkenny nurse Michelle visited the restaurant of romance hoping that love was on the menu – but the starter course wasn’t so good.

The beautiful Michelle, 36, is paired with Killian, 39, a corporate crisis manager from Cork. He’s in crisis mode from the very moment he meets Michelle, and she has a crack at his accent.

‘Cork bai’ seemingly wasn’t the best conversation starter, and the chat descends into a clash of misunderstood accents.

A sneak preview released by RTE2 today makes the claim that Michelle and Killian had ‘The Most Awkward First Date Yet’. Prepare to cringe for both parties in the clip below.


This is just the welcome drinks stage, and as polite and smiley Michelle puts it, ‘we’ll be grand after a few drinks’. Here’s hoping the painful silences end once they’re seated and a few wines in.

But since Killian broke the golden rule and pointed out that it’s an awkward date – is it doomed from the start?

Tune in to First Dates Ireland, RTE2 on Tuesday 6th Feb at 9.30pm to see in Killian wins over Donegal’s own self-confessed hopeless romantic!