Donegal viewers waited in anticipated to see the Derry Girls crew make it over the border last night, and while they never did reach the seaside at Portnoo, their eventful journey was a hoot.

The fifth episode of Derry Girls was another cracker (just like the Orange Order, according to Orla). It was the 12th of July and the Catholic crew were the last Fenians standing in Derry as the marching kicked off. So, they packed up for a caravan holiday in Donegal, but as usual, events took a hilarious turn.

From the wee Ra man to the delightful waitress Nicola, here are our favourite moments from last night: 

Everyone was talking about the brilliant Derry Girls 90s soundtrack last week, but not so much this time around as The Twelfth tunes rattled the windows, and they weren’t just practising:

With Clare, Michelle and the wee English fella in tow, they packed their tents and made for Donegal. The first of a series of disasters struck when they got caught in the middle of a parade. Eager Michelle enjoyed the sights though:


Disaster number two was Mary forgetting her ‘punt purse’. Donegal mammies are known to operate dual money systems for shopping over the border, so Mary’s pain was a relatable experience. Praying to St. Anthony was the only sensible course of action.

St. Anthony acted fast and reminded Mary the punt purse was in the boot. A wee surprise was in the boot too, in the form of ‘a wee RA man’ Emmett. As pleasant as he was, he put Erin on edge.

Emmett’s priority to get across the border threw a spanner in the holiday plans. The clan needed to make a pit stop to think about their options, which is where we met Nicola.

Gerry (Tommy Tiernan), who is in a constant battle of masculinity with Granda Joe, vented all his pent-up anger at waitress Nicola’s shoddy service.

When she burst into tears, Granda Joe had another fantastically withering snap at his son-in-law.

Sharp-eyed viewers recognised that much of last night’s events took place Peggy’s Diner in Toome. They were on the road to Donegal, and then suddenly in Antrim, which prompted many to wonder what caused the detour.

In the end, it was a bit of a disappointment for local viewers to miss out on seeing the Derry Girls in Donegal. However, we could be seeing one wee man about town, who was last seen in the boot of a DL-reg car!

Actor Terence Keeley said he had the best craic filming Derry Girls as Emmett. You just have to love his BTS point of view: