We're not sure how the Derry Girls creators are going to achieve comedy from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, but that's what's in store in episode four tonight.

Sexy priests, dead nuns, exam stress and accidental arson are just some of the troubles 16-year-old Erin Quinn and her friends have endured in the last three episodes of Derry Girls. But no matter how outrageous the issue, they’ve always managed to tackle things so badly that they result in hilarious outcomes.

Derry Girls Episode 4. Image via Channel4

This week we’ll see Our Lady Immaculate College welcoming a group of Ukranian children following the Chernobyl disaster. The teens are visiting to “give their wee lungs a clear out” but Derry might not be the best place for them to get breath of fresh air…

Erin and her family are all set to host ‘poor’ Katya (played by local actress Diona Doherty) into their home. However, the sophisticated young woman is not exactly grateful to be in 1990s pre-ceasefire Derry, much to Erin’s disappointment.

Derry Girls Episode 4. Image via Channel4

We’ll be seeing more entertaining moments from Erin’s family too – as the ever-gruff Granda Joe finds a love interest. Who could it be? And what will his daughters think of the developments?

Tune in to Channel 4 at 10pm for another half hour of one-liners and general divilment from the gang!

If you can’t wait until then for your next Derry Girls fix, Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare, shared this clip on Twitter today. In what she calls ‘the greatest BTS of them all’, Dylan Llewellyn impersonates a Northern Irish icon – Ruairi McSorley the Frostbit Boy:

What do you make of ‘The Wee English Fella’s’ Derry accent?