We donut know how anyone will be able to resist this delicious wedding trend...

A local cafe yesterday confirmed their first booking for a donut wall for a local wedding, and the internet loved it.

The Hatter Tea Room in Stranorlar were asked by a couple to recreate the trending sweet feature for a spring wedding this year. The donut wall is a ‘hole’ new trend for couples looking for an alternative dessert to cake, and the Hatter cafe, known for their Alice in Wonderland tea party treats, were delighted to oblige to one couple’s wish.

Hatter Tea Room Donuts

Hatter Tea Room owner Paddy McMenamin told Donegal Woman that word of their delicious donuts had been going ‘a-round’ since they started selling them in their express cafe on Ballybofey Main Street.

“People were loving them in the Hatter Express, then we started doing them in the Tea Room and they’ve been flying out the door,” Paddy said.

The first couple to order the donuts has their wall created already and Paddy’s team will just have to deliver the pastries. However, if the craze kicks off they are considering building their own wall.

The possibilities are endless, Paddy said: “We can do all the colours you can think of – pink, white, gold and any flavour. Our best ones are toasted marshmallow, salted caramel, nutella, banoffee, oreo and many more. We do a lovely one that’s made with Coole Swan liqueur which would be especially nice for weddings.”

Ever since The Hatter Tea Room shared a glimpse at their donut wall yesterday people have been inspired and tagged friends who are getting married and planning birthdays. Paddy said the level of interest could signal a whole new strand of the business:

“By the reaction on Facebook we could be doing more. We have another wedding coming up this year where we’ll serve tea and coffee to guests from a coffee van outside the chapel.”

Communions could be the next venture for the cafe, Paddy said, as people look for quirky features for family and friends to enjoy.


Featured image credit: Marianne Taylor