Watch out for this email if you have a Netflix account:

A new phishing scam is doing the rounds tricking Netflix users into giving away their credit card details.

The convincing email titled ‘Payment declined’ directs people to a page with fake branding that asks for card details and password verification.

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Australian security company MailGuard warns that the email is a ‘well designed fake’ and the latest in a series of Netflix emails by fraudsters:

“Their large customer base makes them a valuable target for brandjacking; cybercrime that exploits the trademarks of well-known companies to deceive victims,” according to Mailguard.

The email says the user’s card was declined and asks them to update their details in order to continue using their account.

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“This sort of phishing scam allows cybercriminals to harvest victim’s credit card credentials. The phishing page is designed to operate like a legitimate login portal. It asks for card details and password verification, then ejects the scam victim to a real Netflix page to allay suspicion.”

Those who receive an email or text message that is not from Netflix, are warned not to reply to it and report it to Netflix. For details on reporting scams visit: