The Irish Blood Transfusion Service are calling on all local donors with O Negative blood types to help end a shortage.

One thousand blood transfusions happen in Ireland each week. While only 8% of the population are O NEG it accounts for 15% of usage as it is the universal blood type that everyone can use. People with O- blood type can only receive blood from donors with the same blood type.

The IBTS are urging people to consider coming to clinics this week. If you don’t know your blood type, you can find out after you donate as it will be on your donor card.

The Donegal clinic is running in Letterkenny today (Thursday) in the Radisson Blu Hotel, at these times: 2.30 – 5pm and 7 – 9:30pm.

There will be a clinic in Ballybofey from 22nd-24th January in Jackson’s Hotel. A clinic will open in Dungloe on January 25th at St Crona’s National School.

More future clinic times/dates are available on