It's a new year and a new semester - DCU English and Media student Niamh Shields shares her resolutions for 2018.

College Corner columnist Niamh Shields

Here are a few of my College Resolutions, can you relate?

  • Get Organised:

Yes, we all are guilty of not being organised and stressing with assignment deadlines, exams, and placement. Well, not in semester 2, grab yourself a planner and write ahead your plans each week, this way you will ahead of the game. Being organised makes you prepared and not overwhelmed. It’s perfect!

  • Break Up with JustEat:

Those lonely, cold nights, you’re sitting in bored and alone. Just Eat becomes your booty call not once a week, but sometimes twice. You know you have a problem when the delivery man knows your name. Just Eat and you had good times together, you laughed and cried but it’s time to say goodbye and hello to ‘Meal Prep’.

Prepare your meals at the start of your week so you don’t fall into the lazy ‘I don’t want to cook’ act. You will feel so much healthier and Just Eat will be a distant memory.

Time is a great healer.

Why not become a culinary pro this year?

  • Socialise More:

Stop hiding away in your room and sticking to the same group of friends. Of course, don’t ditch your old pals, but get out there more, join more clubs and societies if you haven’t done and get to know more people. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and letting people get to meet the lovely you.

  • Budget, Budget, Budget:

Semester 1, is the semester for so much spending. You are back at college again, Freshers week, shopping in town, Just Eat, Halloween, and not to mention Christmas, you spend so much without realising.  Be realistic and specific with what you need to buy each week in semester 2.  Money doesn’t grow on trees folks!

  • Have fun:

If you did or didn’t have fun in semester 1, make sure you do in semester 2. Yes, college is about getting your degree but balance the academic and socialise worlds. You can get your work done throughout the day and have so much fun throughout the night.

Let’s make 2018 a good one!