Little Donegal girl Molly had a priceless reaction to seeing a man with a fantastic white beard last weekend.

The 17-month-old Ranafast toddler was out for a Sunday meal with her mum Colleen and family when ‘Santa’ stops by the restaurant at the Caisleain Oir Hotel, Annagry.

It just so happened that aunt Megan was filming little energetic Molly when the man walked in.

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Dressed in a Christmas jumper, with a great white beard and a ‘ho ho ho’ greeting, he was every bit the convincing Mr Claus.

‘Oh Santa!’ and ‘hi Santa!’ little Molly exclaims at the man. She showed no fear of the man in red, who was very amused by the event.

“I was mortified at the start,” mum Colleen told, who was holding Molly at the time.

“She’s only a year and a half and she’s obsessed with Santa. She started blowing kisses at him then.”

The Santa lookalike, Colleen said, was from Northern Ireland and was enjoying a quiet holiday lunch with his wife. He came over to talk to Molly personally after getting that special greeting.

“He was lovely about it and was very nice to Molly,” Colleen said.

Molly’s aunt Susan McCreery said, “Thankfully Fr Christmas took the whole thing in his stride and assured us that he will be visiting Molly’s house next Sunday night with her presents.

“We asked Santa what his name was. He looked bewildered. ‘It’s just Santa’, he said.”

Could it be a case of Kris Kringle visiting Donegal to check up on local boys and girls before the big weekend?

Lucky Molly can rest assured that after this encounter she will definitely be getting her doll and pram from Santa this Christmas!

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