Our own complimentary personal shopper for tailored style and beauty buys? Yes please!

McElhinneys of Ballybofey have launched a new Personal Styling service for customers to get an extra-personal and tailored shopping experience.

Two experienced stylists – Breid McDaid (Clothing) and AnnMarie Carolan (Beauty) – have been enlisted to take customers on these special sessions. They’re easy to book and appointments make for a great gift idea. The best part? It’s complimentary for customers.

A luxurious room has been set up for personal styling and it’s going to be all about good old-fashioned customer service. You’ll get tea/coffee, maybe some bubbles and a thank you gift bag afterwards – so it’s a real treat!

All you have to do is ring or email to book an appointment, then the stylist will call you to discover what you are looking for, your sizing, and budget.

The elite sessions are going to suit all women who are looking for a beauty or style update with expert advice just for them.

Women can book in for any reason – to get styled or makeup for a special occasion, a wardrobe overhaul, seasonal update or if they are starting a new job or want to adapt their look to suit a change in lifestyle or body shape.

AnnMarie Carolan in the McElhinneys Personal Styling Rooms

McElhinneys Personal Styling Rooms

McElhinneys Business Development and Sales Manager Sandra Devenney said this is about taking the McElhinneys 5* service one step further.

“This takes us to another level, nowhere else outside Galway and Dublin does personal styling, and nowhere outside Dublin offering beauty styling,” Sandra said.

“We are giving the best of the best. Our highly skilled people will be taking the customer out of the everyday McElhinneys environment and putting them into a beautiful setting and making the experience even more personal.”

“There are many women out there who have lost self-confidence and want to make a change, or they might not be comfortable with the technological side of shopping online.”

All consultations are private and confidential, making sure everyone is comfortable with the experience.

“Both our stylists love helping people, they are kind, tactful and honest,” Sandra said.

Breid McDaid – Style Consultant

AnnMarie Carolan

AnnMarie has worked in cosmetics her entire life. She tells us she is really looking forward to being able to offer customers a chance to have their makeup done privately, in their own beauty room away from the cosmetics hall.

AnnMarie will be delivering personal beauty advice and product suggestions to women of all ages and skin types. Her service will begin with a phone call to ask a person about their needs – whether it’s a look for a special occasion, a makeup change or a skin issue. She will then pick out products and have them ready for their arrival.

Very importantly, AnnMarie is brand neutral and will adjust her picks to suit everyone’s skin, needs and budget – not just showcasing the hottest release of the moment.

McElhinneys Cosmetics Department

A new beauty room will be fit-out beside the cosmetics department for tutorials and pampering. AnnMarie plans to make sure each customer will go away with a full knowledge of what suits them and how to use each product. They will get their own face chart too, to make application at home easy.

AnnMarie is well-trained in the Look Good Feel Better programme too. She has a great knowledge of caring for women who are going through cancer treatment, and is looking forward to greeting any woman who may have ‘the comeback factor’ and would love a makeover after illness.

McElhinneys Christmas Gift Vouchers

If you are struggling to know what to buy someone for Christmas, then this is a lovely idea to give something extra special. As the beauty and style services are complimentary, all you have to do is buy a voucher redeemable against any items bought and a stylist will add a personal note to invite them to a session.

Appointments will take approximately an hour and half, as all the groundwork will be done beforehand. The clothes and products are pre-selected and ready for the customers.

Breid, who you might recognise as a Donegal Woman style columnist, is trained in Fashion Styling and Image Consultancy. She specialises in shapewear and will be looking after a woman’s image from head to toe, taking pieces from all departments including Promise, third flood Womenswear and accessories and footwear.

McElhinneys Promise Boutique

The styling service will also be provided for men, by male stylists. It could be the perfect chance for the man who hates shopping to get suited and booted for all occasions in just one trip!

AnnMarie is clearly excited about welcoming and beautifying her clients: “I think it’s going to be amazing for existing customers, the Donegal women and the ladies in our neighbouring counties. There are so many women out there who are stuck in their ways and are up for a change but just need that confidence boost.”

If you want to book this experience as a gift with a voucher, or book your own appointment, just call McElhinneys on 00353 (0)74 9131217 or email personalstyling@mcelhinneys.com.

Want to see more? Take a tour of the luxury rooms with Breid in this video:


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