Do you know how many people were born with your name in your birth year? Ever wondered if your name still trending now, or was it popular back in 1964? 

Whether your name is common or unusual (or so you may think), there is a fun new app launched today to search through all Irish baby names over the past 60 years.

Located in the Interactive Zone of the CSO site, and with information from 1964 to 2016, you can follow the popularity of the names of your friends, family and children.

You can see names like Elsa rising in the charts after Frozen was released, or George jumping after the birth of the baby Prince. You can check out how the celebrity world and resurging traditional names have influenced parents’ choices over the years.

A nice idea for children on the app is the downloadable Name Certificate. Enter your name and the year of your birth to see how many babies were registered with that name, and how your name ranked in that year.

If you’re looking for baby name inspiration or are simply snowed in today and looking to occupy 10 minutes, then have browse through the app here:

Image: CSO