Lifford woman Emily Lynch won a massive €21,000 and a luxury holiday worth €3,000 to Venice on Winning Streak last night.

When she discovered she would be appearing on the show last week, her house was packed full of relatives and close friends after she had put on a spread to mark the anniversary mass of her late husband Seamus, who passed away two years ago.

She had the television on in the background, and says that nobody heard her name being drawn except for herself and her brother Brendan.

She says that Seamus sent this gift to her and is a nice end to a “tough couple of years”.

Emily was well supported last night with Marty remarking on the size of her family!

Emily on the set of Winning Streak

“You have a lovely family, there’s a load in your family isn’t there?” he said. “There’s plenty of them,” Emily laughed, and explained to Marty that she has five brothers and five sisters. “And they’re all here looking for money!” Marty joked.

She also admitted to having a “wee brandy” to chase away the nerves before coming onto the set!

Emily says that her winnings will go towards renovating the house, her son Seamus’ wedding in April, and towards a treat for her mum Frances.

When asked to pick a colour during the Fantastic Five game, she said “green for Donegal!”

As they say, you can take the woman out of Donegal…!

Grandmother’s gift from late husband wins her a place on Winning Streak