Local father 'Daddyman' has tips for supporting a mother-to-be during the dreaded morning sickness.

Ok daddies, some mammies-to-be get it and some don’t, but here’s the bit you need to know if you want to help and stay alive!

Your walking, loving, incubator is like a bloodhound now, with a nose that can detect garlic from Sage restaurant, standing at Waterworld in Bundoran.


So, take out the bins, wash off the plates, no fries, no boiled eggs in the fridge (unless you want to wear her stomach contents) wash the dog, and the most important of all… don’t fart! (you know who you are)

It must be terrible to be hungry and not be able to eat, with food in front you. And even when you do eat, it’s sometimes the countdown until it comes up again.

Here’s a few things that I’ve noticed might help you as they’ve helped Mrs DM:

– eating small amounts every 2 hours

– ginger nut biscuits can help settle the stomach.

– milk

– fresh air

– bananas

– ice lollies

– boiled sweets

– extra rest

– distraction

– exercise

– smoothies

As I said these worked for Mrs DM and may not work out for you … But Daddies: keep trying to help, because while she’s barfing up her non breakfast and carrying your child and sleeping and roaring at you, she is very grateful.


Mrs DM looks beautiful, like super beautiful.

She’s gonna make a great mum, but like nearly all women, she hates her body.

Mrs DM: ‘I’m like an elephant’

Mr DM: “I love elephants, they can wash themselves and others, I loved Dumbo, and Nelly the Elephant too!”

Mrs DM: “Thanks pet.”

Mr DM: “You’re carrying a human ffs. Growing one even!”

I know men who haven’t seen their “trunks” in 10 years and they can’t even have elephant babies.

Mrs DM: “You always know what to say. How?”

Mr DM: “I learned it on safari.”

Mrs DM: “No, how do you know men who haven’t seen their “trunks” in 10 years.”

Mr DM: “I can tell you, but I bet I’ll see the contents of your stomach after 30 seconds.”

Mrs DM: “No! You’re grand”