The deadline for getting your name added to the electoral register is November 25th.

Being registered to vote means that you can participate in deciding who represents you at local government level, national government level and European government level.

If you have not yet registered, you can download the RFA1 Form by clicking here. Return this form to your local authority (Donegal County Council offices) by November 25th and you will be eligible to vote in 2018.

If you are already registered but have since changed your address, you can amend this on the RFA1 Form also.

Students living away from home can register their home address or their student residential address. Students must have been living at that address on 1 September before the registration comes into force.

“You don’t need to be 18 yet to be put on the register as long as you’ll be 18 by 15th February, 2018. You only need to be 18 at the date of the next election in order to be eligible to vote,” Inishowen Cllr Jack Murray says.

A number of referenda are to be held next year, including the Eighth Amendment referendum which Taoiseach Varadkar hopes to table by May or June 2018.

Other referenda scheduled for 2018 includes; Ireland’s blasphemy laws, the role of women in the home, and on whether or not Ireland should have directly elected mayors.

You can check if you’re registered at

Further information on overseas votes, postal votes, special votes can be found on