Local father 'Daddyman' shares his emotional memories of the first baby scan.

Today we get to say hello to baby DM.
It’s our first scan and it’s a trip into the unknown for us.

We’re going to tell our families after today. We’re up early, it’s a beautiful day and the smell of morning sickness is in the air.

Morning sickness, or as I call it ‘all-day sickness’ has taken over our house, poor Mrs DM has it bad from the get-go.

But she’s up showered, had breakfast, threw it up and is letting nothing dampen her spirits as baby DM is going to be on the doctor’s telly box.

The excitement is bigger than the fat man in the red suit arriving with Manta Force on Christmas morning on a BMX.

It’s my first time in gynae and they’re buzzing around the place, literally these people don’t stop, I feel like they would run and do their work, but it’s like they’ve been warned: ‘No running in the hospital!’

We go into a semi lit room with a lady called Geraldine who is super nice.

So it’s jelly on the belly and on comes the telly box, I have no idea what I’m looking at, but I’m interested. Then, all of a sudden, there it is!

It’s Baby DM, in all its glory. Actually nope, that’s Mrs DM’s bladder, which is the size of Everest as she keeps telling me.

And low and behold: “It’s an alien!” I shout, trying to make light of the situation.

The look from Mrs DM could have cut the world in half, but the woman doing the scan smirked.

I got the feeling I was in deep shizzle when … Baby DM decided to rein us all in!

“Your baby is waving”, she says.

Game, set and match!

It’s not even born and it has me wrapped around its little toe. A tear came as I looked on (because someone was cutting onions, in the next room, in the hospital, next to the baby scan, yeah, that’s it.)

We walked out with a picture of our unborn baby and a grin from ear to ear. It was something so special that the only words that Mrs DM could manage in this state of pure euphoria was …

“I’m hungry”

I’ll gladly feed them both,
But only one of them gets to keep the food down I bet.

Check back next time for another episode from Daddyman’s journey to fatherhood.

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