A Donegal mother is keen to share a message of body positivity as she looks on the plus side of life.

Tasha Peters, who lives in Killybegs with her husband and children, was recently selected as a finalist to be the face of Your Clothing, one of the UK’s leading plus-size clothing retailers.

While she could be the UK’s next plus sized model, the young mum does not let her size define her, but it is a part of her life and lifestyle she shares on her blog.

The Essex native moved to rural Donegal in 2009 at the age of 19 after meeting her husband, who is originally from Killybegs.

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Now in her twenties, Tasha is mum to a boy and girl and leads a vegan lifestyle, describing herself as a ‘plus sized plantbased mama’.

To be chosen as a Yours Clothing finalist, Tasha says, was an unbelievable surprise.

Tasha tells Donegal Woman: “There were so many amazing women and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to get enough votes. I then think I did a weird happy dance. Judging from my partners face I’m pretty sure it was a weird happy dance but I’m absolutely chuffed.

“I’m so excited to possibly get the opportunity to do something amazing, I mean what an experience but to be shortlisted alone has made me feel amazing.”

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Developing her own body positivity wasn’t easy, Tasha said. She was diagnosed with post natal depression after her son’s birth and gained weight. It wasn’t easy, but she has since come to accept it.

“My own body positivity was something I fought against for a long time. I never hated myself or my body. There were always things I thought could be better but after being diagnosed with PND in 2015 and having gained a lot of weight I really loathed my body.

“I started to find any excuse not to leave my house so I wouldn’t be seen and I even refused to have photos taken so I missed out on almost 2 years worth of pictures with my children all because I felt my body made me not good enough.”

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Instagram is a community of fitness, travel and lifestyle inspiration, while the body positivity movement is on the rise. It was this self love space and her husband’s encouragement that prompted her to give up the negative energy she had for her new body.

“I realised that I could be a fun mum even if I wasn’t a size 10, I could be a beautiful, sexy woman even if I had a few extra rolls.

“It definitely took time to gain confidence, even to just walk naked around my own home in front of the man who loves me but honestly it just turned out it’s way easier to love yourself than to hate yourself,” she said.

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Tasha talks openly about her body positivity journey on her new blog, as well as providing an insight into her vegan lifestyle. She has plenty of writing experience from her past work blogging as The Velvet Moon Baker.

Instagram: @tashakelly.ie

A vegan for two years now, she shares inspirational food posts and kids’ meal ideas on her colourful instagram. Eating vegan in Donegal is a challenge, she admits.

“ Eating out in most parts of Donegal can still be difficult. Especially when you’re limited to chips (although generally they tend to have been cooked in the same oil as the meat has been) or a plain undressed salad. Although there are a few wonderful places that have vegan options so we tend to stick to those places so at least I get to eat with the family.

“I’ve only ever eaten in one place where the only option for me was a plain bread roll but beyond that Donegal is catching on, albeit slowly.”

TashaKelly.wordpress.com is an exploration of Tasha’s favourite things, experiences and much about self love and acceptance. The past year has been a learning curve for the young mum as she shares her love of life, and her curves.