The Doherty family from Donegal welcomed two cute new arrivals this week - on the exact date they had twins four years ago.

Tameka, Seamus, Sienna, Torin, Travis, Elizabeth and Samera Doherty. Photo: Darren Crossan

It was double baby joy for Moville couple Seamus and Elizabeth Doherty as they had their second set of twins. Little Sienna and Travis were born at Letterkenny University Hospital on October 17th, and by pure chance, they now share the exact same birthday as their twin sisters Samera and Tameka.

Four year olds Samera and Tameka were born on October 17th, 2013, and Travis and Sienna came into the world on October 17th 2017.

Mum Elizabeth went into labour at home on Tuesday, despite the new twins not being due until October 23rd. No sooner was she in the maternity ward of LUH than she was taken for an emergency c-section. Both babies were born healthy and mum is doing well.

Samera and Tameka (17/10/2013) Sienna and Travis (17/10/2017). photo: Darren Crossan

Delighted Dad Seamus now imagines future birthday parties are going to be ‘mayhem’.

Seamus told Donegal Daily: “When we got closer to the due date we thought it would be a nice if they were born on the same date. I said it would be a nice wish if it comes true. But what are the chances?

“Now we’ll have four birthday parties at the same time. It will be great to get them all over in the one day but it will be mayhem.

“Granny joked that she’ll have to take out a mortgage for Octobers because she’ll have five grandchildren celebrating birthdays in the month,” Seamus said.

Tameka,Travis,Torin,Sienna and Samera Doherty

Seamus believes the identical dates are a pure coincidence, while their eldest boy Torin (7) was also an autumn baby, having been born on September 27th.

Torin, Samera and Tameka are all excited to have two new siblings to care for, while mechanic Seamus and stay-at-home mum Elizabeth will be counting on their young helpers.

“They can’t wait to get them home to start feeding them,” Seamus said.

“It’s like a wheelbarrow now, it’s all in front of us!” he added.