Donegal Rose Amy Callaghan will be sharing her personal story of mental health tonight as a guest on iRadio’s #TimeToTalk event.

The World Mental Health Day edition of The Hub with Dave Duke will be broadcast live from Galway tonight from 9pm.

Amy bravely talked about her own depression on this year’s Rose of Tralee interview and sparked a movement to open a conversation on mental health. Throughout her time as Donegal Rose she has promoted and fundraised for local mental health charities and has been a source of inspiration for young people to end the stigma.

A mix of sportspersons, experts and personalities from across Ireland will be appearing on The Hub tonight to share their stories and provide helpful tips on how to deal with mental health issues.

Listeners will hear from Amy Callaghan alongside David Burke, Rusangano Family, Donal Vaughan, Joe Caslin, Fiona Kennedy and Dr Malie Coyne. Music will come from Fallen Lights and Stephanie Rainey.

This iRadio show comes at an important time, as the #TimeToTalk campaign with Pieta House and Lyons Tea aims to encourage more people to talk openly about their mental wellbeing.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, Lyons Tea investigated the Irish public’s attitudes to their mental wellbeing.

1 in 7 Irish adults said they have experienced a mental health issue in the last 12 months. 40% of adults think about their mental health regularly, however just under one in five of those researched say that it’s not something that they are conscious of in their day to day life.

The ‘Time to Talk’ campaign is rolling out nationwide with Pieta House taking over Lyons Tea Original 80s boxes for the month. These special takeover packs include contact information for anyone who feels they require the services of Pieta House and Lyons Tea will donate 10 cent to the organisation for every pack sold.

If you or a loved one would benefit from the services of Pieta House:

– Visit

– In an emergency call 1800 247 247